Does Paying Bills Before Maturity Improve Credit Score?


Understand how to improve credit score, how it works and whether by paying debts on time influence on your increase or help in your financial life …

” Paying bills before maturity helps in Score? Score Serasa is a score that many entrepreneurs and consumers use to consult how their financial health and their position in the market walks. “

In Brazil, there are three agencies that punctuate people’s credit ratings, they are highly dynamic and, in the vast majority of cases, they are always up to date. Although they are extremely useful, many consumers still have doubts about using the Credit Score.

Is Improving Score Possible?

Is Improving Score Possible?

One of the great questions of who uses this tool that measures the score of each Brazilian citizen is to pay the bills before the maturity helps to increase his Score and thus to remove some financial obstacles at the time of the credit evaluation when financing something, to ask for a card or any financial service or product.

To put it another way, this is an important question since, when it comes to negotiating or borrowing money or personal loan online, all the help is welcome.

Understand how this Score works and if the pay date on your debts influences it. Knowing how to handle this Score will greatly help your financial life.

But after all, what is the credit score for?

 But after all, what is the credit score for?

The credit score is a score that indicates whether or not you are a good payer. This Score is a tool offered by the sites:

  1. Score Serasa Consumer
  2. SPC Brazil Credit Score
  3. Boa Vista credit score


In general Score indicates, by means of a score, that goes from 0 and 1,000 points. But what is more interesting and know what the chance of a certain profile of consumers to pay their bills on time in the coming months and manage to increase the points considerably.

The companies that grant credit to the consumer are the main users of the three companies that inform the Score.

Many network stores, telephone companies, cable TV, retail, banks, financial and service providers in general use this system to perform the more detailed credit analysis when approving a customer who is requesting a loan, financing or even rent a property.

Keeping a Score with an above-average score and having its name clean will enable a financial life related to having quieter credit and the possibility of acquiring goods with better costs than people with low scores or no punctuation. It will also make you not seen as a bad payer in the market.

Citizens with credit scores with good to excellent scores will always have financial privileges in general trade.

Where can you see the credit score for free?

 Where can you see the credit score for free?

Did you know that you can get your credit score improved free of charge and free of charge. For this you must register on Serasa link , SPC Brazil or Boa Vista – SCPC link , all these credit bureaus now make their report available and also the updated score.

On this site you can also make your Positive Registration, monitor your CPF and still have tips on how to take better care of your finances.

Paying debts before wages helps in Score?

Consumers need to understand that Score is extremely dynamic. It works and determines the CPF or CNPJ score from the consumer’s attitudes.

Since the Score data are obtained from Boa Vista or Serasa Experian, the prepayment of your debt is not computed, since the only data that these institutions receive are those of debts that were paid.

In this way, the prepayment does not help increase your Score. However, if you pay the delayed debt this data can count yes, to your score negatively. There are things you can do to increase your score.

One of these interesting attitudes for your Score is keeping your positive register active. The Positive Registry is a kind of database.

It is linked to federal revenue. This database is formed by payment history. In this register, positive information will be stored for consumers who pay their bills on time. Keep this register up to date so you can monitor your Score.

Take care to always improve the Score and keep your name clean.

In times of crisis it is difficult, but with dedication and wisdom you can keep away from the red! To get a good score, it is enough that you keep punctuality, keep your registration updated and your accounts up to date.

Use your Score to get a good loan

Keeping a Score with good score, that is, positive is very important. This score will help banks, businesses and retailers conduct a more accurate and effective credit assessment that is beneficial to both the lender and the lender.

Taking care of your score will make all the difference when applying for the loan.

Those who use this scoring system acquire more possibilities to become a more conscious consumer, more prepared and better able to make better financial choices in the future.

You can also stay calm since your Score is totally private and only you will have access to it.

Precaution is everything. Monitoring to improve Score is taking care to have your name clean is the best thing you will do for your financial life. Monitor your debts and control your future!