Loan for the unemployed – how to get it?

GUS data showed that at the beginning of 2019 in Poland as much as 1 0167 million. Poles had the status of an unemployed person. What to do when we find ourselves in such a situation and need financial support? One solution is a loan for the unemployed. Find out how it can be obtained and what formalities may be required of the applicant. This solution can be really simple and beneficial.

Status of the unemployed person

Status of the unemployed person

According to Polish law, the status of the unemployed has an adult who is registered in the employment office as unemployed .   He cannot be employed in any company or perform any activities that ensure remuneration.   An unemployed person should be able and willing to take up employment. Learners do not have the unemployed status.

Therefore, loans for the unemployed will also be available to people with social benefits or benefiting from government programs. It may therefore include funds originating, for example, from:

  •   the 500 plus program ,
  •   good start program,
  •   maintenance,
  •   social benefits
  •   unemployment benefit.

Loan for the unemployed – characteristics

Loan for the unemployed - characteristics

Loans for the unemployed are currently offered by many lenders , banks are much less likely to offer this type of financial product. Lenders often do not require income certification from the applicant or check the debt at BIK or BIG.

Loans for the unemployed are usually characterized by a small number of formalities . The borrower is usually required to provide only the identity card number, to confirm his identity and legal age, PESEL number, account number to which support is to be sent and basic personal data (name, surname, residence or residence address, telephone number).

An application for such a loan can be submitted even via the Internet , but there is nothing to prevent such formalities from settling in stationary outlets.

Lenders decide on granting a loan very quickly, sometimes it takes up to a quarter of an hour for an application to be accepted. The transfer is usually made to a bank account. Loan companies often offer first support completely free, so this may be a good option.

Is an installment loan for the unemployed possible?

Is an <a href=installment loan for the unemployed possible?” />

Of course, there are institutions where you get a loan in installments even though you don’t have permanent employment. However, more lenders offer short-term financial support for small amounts to the unemployed. A typical loan repayment period is about 30 days . However, there are lenders who decide to help people without work in installments.

An installment loan will be easier to obtain for people who do not have permanent employment but have documented income. It may be the earlier mention of benefits, but also income from occasional work under a contract for specific work, passive income.