No Annuity Explained – Check All Credit Cards


Tip: Get cards with no annuity fee or look for credit cards that charge an annual fee but that waive them in the first year …

“The annuity rate or annual fee is one of the fees that most of the most common to most exclusive credit cards charge from their customers and carriers.”

This is a fee charged automatically made once a year, or installment up to 12 times direct on the credit card invoice to be able to use it and also for some benefits and conveniences included in the services.

How does the Card Annuity Rate work?

 How does the Card Annuity Rate work?

The annuity rates of the cards, when they are charged, can vary from $ 80 to $ 500, depending on the type of credit card. Generally, the higher the annuity fee, the more benefits and exclusivity the card offers its owner.

Cards that usually have an annual fee? Not all credit cards have an annual fee. Cards that generally have an annual fee include reward credit cards, premium credit cards and conventional credit cards .

The annual fee increases the cost of having a credit card. If you pay an annual fee, make sure the benefit you are receiving from your credit card exceeds this cost.

For example, if the rewards credit card has an annual fee, the rewards you earn should exceed the annual fee. Otherwise, having the card is not so beneficial

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How is the annuity charged on credit cards?


In general the collection of the tariff is done in two ways:

  • The annual fee (card annuity) may have a single charge on the next credit card bill , usually on the anniversary of the card or at the beginning of the year.
  • The annual fee (card annuity) can be divided into up to 12 monthly payments .

In general, card administrators and card operators charge the annuity fee each year while the customer makes use of the card.

How to avoid annuity charges?

Many credit cards that charge an annual fee are waived in the first year.

But after the first year, the fee will automatically be charged to your card’s bill, according to your choice of payment. If, after the first year, you decide that the annual fee is not worth paying, negotiate, if it does not work, cancel the card.

Before making this decision, evaluate the impact on your budget and redeem any rewards accrued. The most common is to switch to another credit card or with the same issuer, but for those who do not have the annual fee.

Not common this type of procedure, do the downgrade of a card, even though this may make the bearer lose some benefits, special advantages and lose some rewards with the same offers.

This is if the card you made the downgrade offer the same rewards, which is very difficult. However, switching to a lower card you can even avoid paying the annuity fee, which for most could be better in the long run.

When canceling a credit card, be sure to redeem your bonuses and rewards before making any changes in order to avoid losing them.

There are many credit cards that allow you to use them fully but do not have the annuity fee charged each year. Search the Internet for available non-annuity cards or contact your credit card issuers to see if they exempt you or send another card within that specification – no annuity!

Change in the value of the card’s annuity fee

If the issuer of your credit card decides to increase the amount of the new annuity fee, they are required to notify you at least 30 days in advance of the new fee amount before effecting it.

You have the option to reject the amount of the new annuity fee charged on the card.

However, you will have to cancel your credit card if there is no agreement with your manager to remove the charge or reduce the amount.

Should You Apply For A Credit Card With Annuity Fee?

Paying annuity fee is not necessarily a bad thing, sometimes it is just a part of the process needed to have the credit card you want with the benefits and advantages that you care about.

But, make sure that the benefits of the card are even worth paying the fee.

Card / Flag Annual Fee
Agibank Mastercard Next Visa
BB Ourocard without Annuity Nubank Mastercard
BMG Mastercard Original Mastercard
Citi Mastercard Petrobras Visa
Credicard Zero Mastercard Porto Seguro Visa
Digio Visa Santander Free Mastercard / Visa
Hipercard Saraiva Visa
Inter Mastercard Card BanriCompras
My Pag Mastercard IPlace Card

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Compare your current card with other similar credit cards from other issuers to confirm that you will make a good deal.

If you do not want to be without certain advantages, higher limits and benefits that your old card offers, you should meet all the necessary requirements and ask to lower rates and rates, if it does not work, look for credit cards that offer the same or advantages and make the switch.