Open an Online Pro Account for Your Business


Digital technology has not stopped revolutionizing our daily life, even in the professional world. Online banks flourish and promise entrepreneurs more simplicity, practicality and above all a sizeable economy. So, how to open an online pro account and enjoy all the privileges offered by this alternative? Follow the guide.


Define the needs of the company

Define the needs of the company

Using a pro account is not just about cashing in, paying your suppliers, and paying your charges. It also involves optimizing the management of financial activities for the benefit of the company. Moreover, if competition in the banking sector is intensifying, it is thanks to personalized financial services.

Thus, depending on the activity of the company (commercial, craft …) and the professional project, the following offers will be proposed:

  • Means of payment (checks, credit cards …)
  • Means of collection (fixed or mobile TPE …)
  • Cash Management Online
  • Overdraft
  • Insurance
  • Etc.


Compare offers from banks online

When it comes to commercial offers, banks offer almost the same services. Nevertheless, it is always wise to use an online pro bank comparator before selecting your future bank . The goal is to know:

  • All services rendered
  • Bank charges (withdrawals, transfers, subscriptions …)
  • Minimum conditions of access (file study, income …)

It is even possible to contact the online helpdesk for more details on the benefits. In some cases, entrepreneurs negotiate prices.


Choose your future bank and open an online pro account

Compare offers from banks online

Once the opening conditions have been thoroughly investigated, and your future bank has been selected, it’s time to go online. Although much less heavy than in a physical agency, some formalities have to be done, and various supporting documents are to be provided.

  • Fill out an online form (on the bank website or from a smartphone via an app)
  • Send the required parts (to be scanned or photographed). In general, the required documents are: a piece of ID of the manager or manager of the company, proof of address and proof of activity. Depending on the case, other proof can be claimed.
  • Make the first payment. Although the new fintechs are betting on the € 0 first payment, some online banks impose a minimum deposit amount to validate the opening of an account.

After creating and validating the online pro account, the entrepreneur only has to receive his RIB and any products ordered.


Enjoy services with peace of mind

If you are in the business start-up phase, you can already make your equity deposit on your online pro account . Obtaining a certificate of deposit online will allow you to quickly compile all the documents of creation to file at the registry.

During the life of the company, you can subscribe a professional credit to finance your investments, and to support you in your development.


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